Veneers and Bondings

These days, “veneers and bondings” are increasingly becoming key topics.

This is the case especially since professional dental cleaning and focused fluoridation have significantly improved the dental health of broad segments of the population in Germany – and, not least, because veneers as dental corrections are growing more popular among many “stars” and other public figures.

Veneers – durable for decades

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain which are bonded onto the teeth in a special procedure.

Not only do veneers improve form and colour of teeth, they can also give back stability to aged, filled or worn teeth. Furthermore, tartar stains such as coffee, tea or nicotine no longer stick to the porcelain shells. We manufacture all veneers in our in-house dental master laboratory.

Ultra-Thin Veneers without Reducing the Teeth

Correcting unattractive teeth without sacrificing tooth substance or wearing fixed braces – this is a desire frequently expressed by many patients. In many cases, this is possible.

For, thanks to cutting-edge technology and materials, we can now realize what on first sight may appears to be a contradiction! Thus, we are capable of manufacturing wafer-thin shells of porcelain (veneers) of down to 0,3 mm thickness. This way, the dreams of many patients can come true:

obtaining a smile with perfect teeth with neither reducing teeth nor anaesthesia being necessary – thanks to correction with veneers. The ultra-thin veneer invisibly extends alongside the tooth surface quite like a contact lense. The transition to the tooth is undetectable to the bare eye and ends at a gum-friendly distance to the gum line.

Bonding for Minor Corrections

If only minor corrections are necessary, the bonding technique may be applied.
For more details please see the section Bonding.

The “Art” of Dental Technology

Dentists with long and successful experience in this professional area are indeed rare in Germany. Dr. Jürgen Kollmann, Dr. Claus Gasteyer and Ines Görlich have been making veneers for 20 years already and thus possess in-depth knowledge and – what is particularly relevant in this area – the necessary experience.

A method specially developed in our office enables us to demonstrate the proposed beautification in advance. Our mock-ups (“try-on” veneers developed by our master laboratory) are directly crafted in the mouth, thus illustrating the possible final result.

In addition, in the “finish”, a direct dialogue between patient, dentist and dental technician, we make sure that all alterations are realized as individually desired.

Our patients veritably receive a “piece of art” of dental technology. For more informationen on fabrication of veneers please see our veneer information page.