Welcome to our Aesthetic Dental Office

»It takes extraordinary commitment of highly inspired individuals to achieve excellent performance«

Our team of doctors are different, highly qualified specialists who share a great sense of team spirit and have spent many years working together on constantly improving our professional dental performance.

What is the Role of “Smile Design” in Dentistry?

Our positive experience with dental aesthetics has made “Smile Design” our major focus for many years now. After completing your optimal dental treatment, we will, together with you, design your very own new smile. We will concentrate on harmonizing your teeth, gums and mouth with your face, and we will perfectly balance your teeth proportions. In aesthetic dentistry, the term “Smile Design” stands for all the aforementioned steps.

Our doctors regularly and consistently attend continuing dental education courses of international standards. We believe this is the least we can do to offer our patients top-level aesthetic dental treatment. Of course, this standard applies to all our staff, including the laboratory team, the prophylaxis team, and all assistants.

Of course, we do not limit our continuing education to courses in Germany, for, after all, the most modern treatment methods and latest knowledge in medical research are still to be found in other countries of Europe and mainly the USA. This way, we succeed in both staying in touch with state-of-the-art science and offering our patients the highest possible standard.

Since 2003, we have been active members of the German society for aesthetic dentristry

[= Deutsche Gesellschaft für ästhetische Zahnheilkunde, or, DGAZ]. In 2006, we were among the first dental offices in Frankfurt to have “aesthetic dentistry” listed as formal specialty area by the regional medical association.

Apart from continuous advanced training in Germany and abroad, we also stay in contact with our colleagues abroad. We are members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Over the years, we have established an ever-growing specialist network, thereby holding a constant constructive dialogue with other doctors over the world.

Ines Görlich, Dr. Claus Gasteyer, Dr. Jürgen Kollmann