Beautiful teeth – Your most valuable asset

Radiate greater vitality, gain self-esteem and be more successful with perfectly healthy and beautiful teeth!

Today, teeth are more important than ever: Beautiful healthy teeth have become symbols of vitality, youthfulness, self-confidence and health. Perfectly functioning teeth, on the other hand, have always been essential to improving the quality of everyday life.

»A smile is the shortest distance between two people.«

Flawless teeth and an attractive winning smile open doors – whether in business or private life – they facilitate social interactions and stand for success and competence.

We are committed to providing you with top-notch cosmetic dentristry: Let us help create your perfect smile for an attractive appearance.

Smile Design as Office Philosophy

“Smile Design” stands for the consequent implementation of our philosophy Health is the basis of beauty. We hold that the core tasks of beautification and dental aesthetics should only be approached after solid dental pre-treatment, regular professional teeth cleanings and dental care.

A Mission, not a Profession

“We dentists cannot imagine anything more fulfilling than giving people bright and beautiful smiles. For twenty years now, we have been lucky enough to experience the joy of helping people get and maintain healthy and beautiful teeth.” (Dr. Jürgen Kollmann)