Laboratory-manufactured fillings and crowns

The inlay is the best type of filling for side teeth damaged by caries or tooth abrasion. After preparing the tooth, a high precision mold is made. Our in-house dental master laboratory manufactures inlays within short time.

Ceramic crown and ceramic inlay

With great artistic talent, our specialists create this perfect imitation of nature. Ceramic crowns and inlays have the particular advantage of looking like a natural tooth even in the closest proximity.

Due to the tooth-coloured high-tech ceramic material Zirconia, todays fabrication of completely metal-free dental restorations has become possible – even in case of large bridge widths. At this point, ultimate aesthetics and the desire for biocompatibility meet.


Inlays and crowns guarantee years of durability. The decisive factor here is a perfect transition to the tooth. Therefore, our technicians manufacture all inlays under a 10-fold microscopical enlargement. With regular care and professional dental cleaning, you can enjoy them for decades.