Dental Master Laboratory

One-stop Concept. Ever true to our philosopy, “Respectable aesthetic dental treatment is possible only when carried out on perfectly healthy teeth,” we offer you “full service” in our practice.


We provide our patients with services adhering to international standards. Our well-extablished experienced team of skilled specialists and qualified experts is well-rehearsed. All team members, from our dental assistants and laboratory staff to our doctors regularly attend continuing education programs in Germany and abroad (Europe and USA).

With 20 years of joint dental practice and in-house dental master laboratory we offer our patients a long time of broad experience.

Dental Master Laboratory

True our high quality standard, we have entertained our own in-house dental master laboratory ever since our dental office was founded in Frankfurt. This way, we ensure a one-stop office: Everything our patients receive is custom-made.

This also means we use only the best top quality material. Dr. Kollmann’s continuing education as a dental technician was the basis that made it particularly important for us to staff our dental master laboratory with a team of highly-qualified specalists right from the beginning.

Using a method especifically developed in our dental office, we can show the patients exactly what their new smile will look like before undergoing any procedure. Our mock-up system (custom-made prototype of the aesthetic concept developed by our master laboratory) is directly transferred to the mouth and visualizes the results of the proposed treatment.

Thus, this procedure allows our patients to make personal requests regarding their design of their teeth.